Entry 02: Conference Acceptance Letter and Survey

posted Nov 14, 2012, 6:50 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 14, 2012, 6:52 AM by Brad Kohl ]
First off, I have some pretty good news. The following will hopefully, with some minor changes, appear in the program for the PFLAG Safe Schools Conference this January: It's pretty cool.

Profiling for Good:  Identifying Hotspots for GLBT Bullying Before it Happens

Patrick Curoe, Justin Anderson, Brad Kohl

Patrick Curoe, Student Researcher; Justin Anderson, OutFront Minnesota Safe Schools Initiative; Brad Kohl, Breck School Advanced Mathematics Research


Patrick Curoe is taking a new approach to GLBT bullying - Stop it before it starts!  Through surveys and demographic research, Patrick is creating a predictive model of communities and schools in Minnesota where GLBT bullying is likely to occur.  Working with the Safe Schools Initiative at OutFront Minnesota, this model will be used to proactively target educational resources.  Learn how create and implement a similar model, and how you can Profile for Good!

It's pretty cool. But it's also fairly intimidating, as January's coming up pretty fast, and that means I need to kick the "Profiling for Good" thing into high gear. Thank goodness college apps are in, really. Which brings me, in a circuitous and unconnected manner, to my second point, which is that the survey is in processing. Again. However, now that we have secured a copy of the GLESN school survey from 2012, it's a whole lot simpler to write up so that statistics can be done to it with more accuracy. Yes, I am aware that statistics are not a large blunt tool made of wood that can be waved around while shouting "Science!" like some cheap Cave Johnson ripoff, but I enjoy the thought of statistic-ing at things. 

Either way, good news. the project progresses and gets people somewhat exited about it.