Massive Update

posted Dec 2, 2012, 10:26 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 2, 2012, 10:29 PM by Brad Kohl ]

I can’t believe it’s December already! Time flies, and it’s finally the time for me to do some blog updates.


1.     Flyer

I spent most of the time making my flyer, which is on my website already.

2.     Report to client and do further data collection.

I also organized the trends I found in the summer and reported to my client. For further research, the city hall placed some counters back on the road and collected more data for the new school year. On Natchez, there was a police car/sign reminding the drivers the speed limit. It would be fun if I can discover some differences for the speed counts.

3.     NSLC Proposal

I submitted my Showcase proposal to 2013 National Service Learning Conference.



1.     Change Title

“My School, My Car: How do daily and special event trip generation affect neighborhood traffic?”

2.     Data Analysis

I started to look at the impact of sports on traffic flow. I looked at days with only one, three or four, and, at the most, seven practices or games. There tend to be less traffic if there are less games going on; however, it isn’t a very big drop. Sports events are analyzed as a whole school event first, so we can get the idea of what traffic pattern we would expect when those practices/games happen. Then I further break down the events into middle and upper school to see if the division and events are independent factors for the traffic generation.



1.     NSLC

I got invited to share my project in the Service Learning Showcase at the 2013 National Service Learning Conference in Denver, Colorado. It’s a great opportunity and I will be attending the conference.

Also, since my proposed title for the conference is the old one. I decided to change the title back to “Schools in Residential Settings: What are the impacts on neighborhood traffic?”

2.     Data Analysis

I was working on some special days like the weekend and the days when we had AP exams. For AP exams, students would have to leave our campus to take the exam at the Ice Arena. Most of the exam takers are upper school juniors and seniors, and a lot of them would chose to drive there by themselves. According to the data, I separated the analysis for the main campus and Ice Arena. If the traffic trend matches with each other, it would be an interesting result.

3.     Noise Calculation

I proposed to use a noise calculator to find out the noise level around the neighborhood for different times of the day based on the car volume. However, my client denied this idea.




Here I am, three days into December. It’s time to plan out the future for my research.


1.     In order to show a visual sense of the traffic pattern, I will manually create a simple map and color roads with different colors to indicate different levels of traffic.

2.     I will work on the latest data I received from my client, either collected during the summer or this fall. I will also carry out data comparisons among the three time periods to check out the different/similar traffic patterns.

3.     I plan to finish working on analyzing the data by the end of winter break, so I will be ready to write my research paper and prepare for my presentation once next semester starts.


December will be a crazy month since finals and college application deadlines are coming up. But I will constantly work on my research and share the results through my blog updates. It has been interesting to look at the trends and make sense of the traffic flow, and I really look forward to discovering more.


Sorry for the late update, and thank you for being interested in my research!