Research Students Invited to Give Workshop at Math and Social Justice Conference

posted Nov 26, 2012, 10:30 PM by Brad Kohl

Student Researchers Nicholas Thyr, Eden Motto and Daniel Bergerson have been selected to present their workshop, Mathematics Serving the Community:  Empowering Community Organizations with Youth Research, in January at the 2013 Creating Balance in an Unjust World math and social justice conference in San Francisco, CA.  

Can math and service learning go together? Mathematics Research empowers promising high school mathematics students, passionate for community service, to use their math skills on behalf of nonprofit clients in their areas of interest.  These pro bono mathematicians volunteer with their organizations, then take on an initiative where they use statistical and analytical skills to create resources and make recommendations, giving organizations the credibility and power of mathematics.  Student researchers will share their experiences and lead participants through activities and assessments they have created.  Participants will work with student leaders to explore ways to create community-based research opportunities for students.

In the words of the conference organizers, "[We] appreciated your thoughtful and engaging ideas and the ways in which you connected your workshops to the conference's themes."  Research advisor, Brad Kohl, couldn't agree more and is excited to be joining his students and supporting them in this dissemination opportunity. 

In addition to presenting, the researchers will be able to do site visits to schools in the Bay area, attend sessions, and hear the keynote speaker, Rochelle Gutiérrez, speak on “Mathematics Teaching as Subversive Activity: The Role of Creative Insubordination”.