Patrick Curoe to Give Workshop at PFLAG Conference

posted Nov 12, 2012, 2:10 PM by Brad Kohl   [ updated Nov 16, 2012, 7:21 AM ]

Patrick Curoe will be presenting his research, Profiling for Good:  Identifying Hotspots for GLBT Bullying Before it Happens, at the 2013 PFLAG Cultivating Respect:  Creating Safe Schools for all Students conference.  Patrick is one of only sixteen people who were chosen to give workshops at this event.  He will be joined by Justin Anderson, Safe Schools Organizer for OutFront Minnesota and Brad Kohl, Advanced Mathematics Research Coordinator.

Session Format:

Surprisingly simple tools can add the power and credibility of numbers to an initiative.  Activities will be focused on both gathering and disaggregating data as well as putting the emotional "spin" on it to make the sale.  

Three learning goals characterize this session.  Participants will...

See the power of positive profiling to proactively identify issues, serve as an adjunct to more traditional approaches, and empower youth.

Get another tool for creating safe schools for GLBT youth.

Be inspired to use these techniques.

To begin, Patrick will share his work via PowerPoint and discussion.  Afterwards, he will demonstrate the model for predicting bullying he created in this project.  

Workshop participants will then have an opportunity to take the bullying survey via portable devices (smart phones, laptop computers or tablets).  Patrick, accompanied by other members of Breck School’s Advanced Mathematics Research program, will work with small groups to use SurveyMonkey, Excel and other online tools to look for, analyze, and present trends in the just-collected bullying survey data.  

To conclude the session, participants will brainstorm different ways to share this information and use these techniques for their own initiatives.